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Last Minute Tips for April Weddings | Wholesale Wedding Flowers

April wedding flowers are beautiful and exotic, but April wedding mishaps are not usually the same. Unexpected or unpredicted factors can wreak havoc on a wedding day if you're not prepared. April weddings are particularly notorious because of there unpredictable weather and traffic patterns. Here are a few last minute wedding tips for an April wedding to help beat the spring heat.

Water Water Everywhere- April showers might bring May flowers, but they will also rain on your parade in you don't have an alternative venue. If you're planning an outdoor ceremony or dinner for your April wedding, make sure you have an indoor backup plan in case of rain. Check your local five-day forecast in advance. If only a sprinkling is predicted, you might be able to get away with covering the tables and chairs and waiting for the shower to pass. Or, consider shielding your space with a tent or tarp. This alternative is actually a lot of fun as it creates a cozy mood and it keeps the event outdoors, just as you wanted.

Be Like the Boy Scouts- Come Prepared- A bridal emergency kit is essential for smooth sailing and survival on your wedding day. Make sure to bring along anti-frizz or hair spray to protect against the April wedding heat, rain, or humidity. Some brides even order a few extra wedding flowers to put on the tables, the cake and in your hair, and of course, just in case any buds wilt in unexpected April heat.

Get Me to the Church on Time- This is your big day, and you sure don't want to miss it. Leave extra time for traffic and arrange alternative transportation in case of traffic, bad weather, flat tire, or car trouble.

Location, Location, Location- To ensure that all your vendors arrive at your wedding hall, make sure they all have clear directions to the wedding venue.

Drop the Diet- The morning of the wedding is no time to be counting calories or skipping meals. An empty stomach will wreak havoc on this potentially stressful and chaotic day's schedule. Aside from the stability and peace of mind that 15 minutes of calm in the morning will give you, a good breakfast will also ensure that you have the necessary fuel to make it through the day. After all, who wants to poop out at their own party?

Places, Please- Have ushers arrive at least fifteen minutes earlier than the guests to familiarize themselves with the location and seating arrangements.

A Dirty Little Secret Gone Clean- Don't panic if you discover a stain or scuff mark on your meticulous white gown or shoes the day of. Use a white felt marker or white chalk to cover up the stain or fill in the marks, and no one will be the wiser!

Don't Know the Electric Slide?- Avoid an embarrassing and potentially hazardous slip and slide routine by scuffing up the soles of your new shoes with a piece of sand paper.

Keep It Clean- Cover the floor of your dressing room with a clean white sheet to prevent bits of debris and hair from clinging to the hem of your gown.

Emergency Kit Contents:

Sewing Kit

Safety pins and small scissors

Small compact mirror

Clear nail polish (helpful for stocking runs)

Nail file

Nail polish (in the bride's color)

Makeup (in bride's shades)

Baby powder


Brush and comb

Bobby pins and hair elastics


Static-cling spray

Lint brush



Contact lens solution

Acid relief

Smelling salts


Mints or breath freshener

Tampons and pads

Headache medicine


Charged cell phone

List of vendors phone numbers

Extra stockings


Earring backs


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